Humla Development Initiative [Working Modality]
HDI Working Modality

One community organization (CO) is formed in each ward of programme VDC. Thus, there are 9 CO's in each programme VDC. There could be separate CO of women and Dalits based on need assessment of programme VDC. Mul Samiti (Main Committee of all CO's) is formed in each programme VDC consisting of 2 representatives selected democratically from each ward-wise CO. Thus, Mul Samiti consists of 18 or more representatives from all 9 wards of programme VDC. Mul Samiti takes responsibility of managing and organizing logistics for any capacity building trainings in their respective VDC. Mul Samiti will be involved during each planning process. Mul Samiti will review all the activities conducted in their VDC by HDI and give a constructive feedback to improve the programme in coming year . VDC Secretary of each programme VDC should be involved in planning and review of HDI programme.

HDI tries to implement planned activities in joint collaboration with concerned government offices in the district such as DDC, DADO, DFO, etc and other non government organizations working in the same programme VDC in Humla. For example, to carry out any activities which is related with agriculture, it tries to collaborate with District Agriculture Development Office (DADO). To carry out livestock related activities, it will work with District Livestock Service Centre (DLSC). HDI tries to involve District Forest Office while implementing non timber forest products (NTFP) related activities. HDI ensures that it will not replicate same activity which other NGO is doing in the programme VDC. HDI will share its programme activities and budget with DDC and other concerned partners in the district to avoid duplication of the work and for the sake of transparency of the programme.

HDI will conduct Humla Kachahari once in a year in Kathmandu on relevant development issues of Humla. Main objective of Kachahari is to share the emerging development issues of Humla at policy-making levels and to advocate on Humlis-friendly development model in Humla. Besides Kachahari, HDI will seek funding from other donor agencies to expand its programme in remaining VDCs of Humla. In this context, funding from DF will be shown as a matching fund, and HDI Manager will be engaged to explore funding from other donor agencies, and will design funding proposal accordingly. In this way, HDI-an umbrella concept-will be able to attract other financial resources for the development of Humla.

Since Development Fund is supporting management and operational cost of HDI, funding from other donor agencies will be used solely in the programme activities. In addition, HDI consortium will regularly meets and seeks information from the sites and will share valuable advices with field staffs. HDI Consortium will also use its existing network to influence the government policy to favor speedy development of Humla.

Working Modality

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