Humla Development Initiative [About HDI]
Project Goal
Improved quality of life of people in Humla
1. Increase food security of Humli people.
2. Improve livelihood through food security,sustainable agricultural development,bidiversity conservation and     appropriate technology promotion.
3. Enhance livelihood of Dalit community of Humla.
4. Lobbying for pro-Humli policy in Kathmandu.
Ultimate Beneficiaries
1. woman
   2. Dalits
   3. Indigineous/Janajati people
   4. Marginalized and Vulnerable groups
   5. Poorest of the poor
Program Sectors
   1. Sustainable agriculture promotion
   2. NTFP and biodiversity promotion
   3. Institutional strengthening of civil socities.
   4. Renewable energy and appropriate technology promotion
   5. Dalit community development program
   6. Environmental education
   7. VDC planning 
   8. Research and Policy Advocacy         [Read more Program Sectors]Click Here.
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